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Fire in the building
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Expert advice from the Fire Door Inspection Service


Adhering to fire door regulations isn't just a legal obligation—it's a core commitment to ensuring the safety of your premises. Read below to check your doors against these regulations and ensure building safety.

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Ensuring fire safety, particularly through passive fire protection, is crucial. Your fire doors play a vital role in the passive fire protection of your building. The compartmentation of your premises is a key requirement, clearly illustrated on the fire strategy drawing for your building. Properly installed fire doors are essential for effective compartmentation, restricting the spread of fire, smoke, and gaseous substances of combustion.
Your fire doors are not only integral to compartmentation but also serve as a lifeline, enabling people to reach a place of safety and safeguarding the rest of the building.

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As of 22nd January 2023, new legal requirements have been put in place for all multi-occupied residential buildings with storeys exceeding 11 meters in height. This mandates quarterly checks of all fire doors within the common areas and annual checks of flat entrance doors. Responsible parties, including landlords, are obligated to conduct regular inspections of all fire doors in residential premises, encompassing purpose-built blocks of flats, sheltered housing, and individual homes.

In accordance with government guidelines, these regulations mandate responsible parties to furnish residents in multi-occupied residential buildings (comprising two or more domestic premises with common parts) with information on the critical role of fire doors in ensuring building safety.

These regulations extend to all premises accommodating workplaces, along with the common parts of buildings surpassing 11 meters in height. Responsible parties for such buildings are legally required to ensure that all fire doors comply and maintain their capacity to resist the spread of fire and smoke throughout their operational lifespan.

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